First Group

FIRST GROUP SRL, carries out an important activity in the metals and foundry products trade, mainly aimed at the industry sector, with the aim of satisfying the increasingly specific needs of this sector. Initially born for assistance, maintenance and trade in industrial machines aimed at these specific sectors has undertaken in addition to the consolidated sector of industrial machines, a marketing activity of foundry raw materials in particular those of products for foundries of non-ferrous alloys. LA FIRST GROUP SRL is able, by virtue of agreements stipulated with the major European and non-EU producers, to practice advantageous price conditions and carry out on behalf of its customers a careful and selected search for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and raw materials.

Registered Office: Via Libero Temolo 4 20126 MILANO (Mi)
Headquarters: Via Aristide Faccioli 43 - 25018 MONTICHIARI (BS)
TEL.+39 02 87176452 - TEL +39 030 0944640
P.IVA 03879000986 - EORI IT03879000986 - Codice Destinatario : KRRH6B9 - - PEC.